San Diego
June 23-26, 2024

Spark community. Join the Clarivate IP Conference in San Diego, California.

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Spark connections

Join the IP community for three days of networking, product education and professional development.

What is Clarivate Ignite?

Everything you need to know about the Clarivate IP User Conference.

Clarivate Ignite is the annual event for the intellectual property community to come together and learn from their peers.

Learn how you can develop your skills and career as an IP professional. Gain insights from industry experts. Harness Clarivate software and services. Deliver more value to your team and your organization.

Clarivate Ignite offers three days of IP content, including: 

  • Educational sessions and workshops led by Clarivate product experts and industry leaders.
  • Dedicated tracks for your IP software, including IPfolio™, FoundationIP™, Innography™, Derwent Innovation™, CompuMark™, and more!
  • Case studies and best-practices from super users.
  • Insightful panel discussions by executives and IP leaders.
  • Professional development sessions to help you advance your skillsets and career.
  • Networking opportunities and entertainment.
  • Software lab available for you to reserve dedicated one-to-one support.
  • Demos of the newest Clarivate products and features for patent intelligence, trademark intelligence and IP management.

Built for our product users, leaders and aspiring leaders, Clarivate Ignite is designed for IP professionals who wish to deliver enhanced value to their organizations by growing as IP professionals, learning from IP experts, and getting the most of their trademark and patent software and services.

Whether you are a new customer or a super user, Clarivate Ignite provides you with opportunities to expand your skills, learn best practices and unlock the full potential of your IP software.

Plus, Clarivate Ignite is a great opportunity for you to expand your network.

You’ll meet IP professionals from across a range of organizations and industries who are passionate about creating, protecting and managing IP.

Need help requesting approval to attend Clarivate Ignite? Customize the downloadable letter to help your manager understand why Clarivate Ignite is valuable for both you and your organization.

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Software lab

Agenda at a glance

June 23, 2024
June 24, 2024
June 25, 2024
June 26, 2024

Develop deeper knowledge of Clarivate products

Manage your IP portfolio like never before

IPfolio is the end-to-end IP Lifecycle Management Solution for corporate IP teams that need maximum control with minimum effort.

This powerful and flexible cloud-based solution enables you to manage your IP operations from a centralized hub. Instant access to connected tools and market-leading Clarivate data empower you to make confident decisions, faster and more efficiently. Eliminate time consuming manual tasks with automated capabilities that save time and effort.

Experience the future of IP Lifecycle Management now, with IPfolio.

Elevate your firm’s IP practice management

FoundationIP is a leading IP lifecycle management solution for law firms seeking a competitive edge.

This powerful and flexible cloud-based solution improves your efficiency at every step in the IP lifecycle, so you can grow your firm with confidence.

Reduce risk with industry-leading Clarivate IP data. Uncover actionable insights that position you as a strategic partner. Maximize your team’s efficiency with advanced automation and integrated services. Seamlessly collaborate with clients, colleagues, and agents worldwide.

Modernize your IP practice management with FoundationIP.

Give your law firm a competitive advantage

Inprotech is a secure intellectual property management solution specifically designed with law firms in mind.

Capable of handling sophisticated administrative workflows, Inprotech helps improve processes and create efficiencies that give your attorneys more time to focus on high-value tasks.

We know that no two practices are the same. That’s why Inprotech is both modular and highly configurable, designed to improve client satisfaction and optimize practice efficiency.

Connect people and IP through technology

An all-inclusive and customizable IP Management System designed for large corporate IP departments. Memotech drives IP awareness, improves planning and efficiency, and helps to increase market competitiveness across the globe.

Memotech provides whole portfolio visibility, across every dimension of the IP lifecycle. This world-class IP Management System empowers innovation, elevates your IP management and protection capabilities, and facilitates agile portfolio management and optimization.

Work more flexibly than ever before

The IP Management System is an all-in-one IP Management Solution tailored to your business.

Secure your IP data, optimize processes, and protect your critical assets with The IP Management System. With flexible configuration, you can build the experience your team needs to work effectively and efficiently.

Protect and commercialize innovation with confidence

Innography patent analytics software provides IP strategists with the right insights to:

  • commercialize innovation with speed and confidence
  • efficiently manage and optimize patent portfolio
  • defend against emerging threats and capture new opportunities

Innography correlates patent data with accurate company information, litigation activity, patent strength metrics and manually-written invention abstracts.

By combining correlated patent data with an analytics-driven interface, Innography makes it easy for patent, strategy and licensing teams to quickly capture reliable insights from global patent data – the insights they need to advance their patent strategies.

Patent search results you can trust

Derwent Innovation patent search software helps patent professionals perform reliable patent searches to help them make faster, higher confidence patentability, freedom-to-operate (FTO) and validity decisions.

With corrected full text patent data from 76 jurisdictions, expertly-written abstracts covering 59m+ inventions, and powerful search technology, Derwent Innovation delivers nearly 2x more relevant patent search results than competitive platforms.

And with correlated patent litigation case data and reliable legal status information, patent professionals are able to make FTO decisions with speed and confidence.

Global solutions for strengthening and protecting trademarks

Clarivate empowers trademark professionals worldwide to create, expand and protect strong brands with confidence. Our trusted CompuMark™ trademark solutions are powered by unmatched global content, innovative tools, industry-leading expertise, and best-in-class service. So, you can make critical decisions with certainty from brand creation to research and clearance to protection.

Assess both legal and commercial risk for new brands, quickly and easily

In today’s crowded global trademark landscape, assessing the viability of new marks requires a multi-dimensional approach. Clarivate Brand Landscape Analyzer lets you assess both legal and commercial risk for new brands, quickly and easily.

It offers a unique combination of rich, proprietary Clarivate trademark and litigation data and AI-powered analytics to provide a broader picture of the risk landscape surrounding your proposed brand.

Unparalleled global IP case law data, intelligence and expertise.

IP litigation intelligence helps IP professionals and businesses unlock valuable insights, assess risks, understand trends, spot opportunities and make confident IP and business decisions.

Global IP litigation data available through Darts-ip provides litigation intelligence that is indexed, available digitally and easily searchable. Our team of experts collect, read and codify IP cases for for trademarks, patents, designs and models, copyrights, domain names and unfair competition to extract unique intelligence and analytics.

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